Anxiety a Myth or mental Disorder?

Anxiety is a term that is mostly used in casual conversations and it is more than just a feeling of fear or worry that one faces before a job interview. In 2019 more than 301 million people were dealing with anxiety issues and disorders making it the most common mental health condition all around the globe.  And, you will be shocked to know that only 1 in every 4 individuals received treatments to cure anxiety permanently. (source: World Health Organization)

Anxiety is more than a myth, it is real and it is normal to feel anxious sometimes , but when these feelings become a burden it turns itself into a mental disorder. Anxiety and mental disorder when combined together makes the term “anxiety disorder”. Anxiety disorder differs from normal feelings and is severe because they develop excessive fear and anxiety in a person. Anxiety disorder is a common mental disorder and it nearly affects 30% of adults at some point in their life.  (Order Zopiclone Online)

In this blog we will try to break the stereotype by addressing all the myths that people have about anxiety and the ways through which one can cure it. 

3 Common Myths that People have about Anxiety or Mental Disorders

There are a lot of things that you hear in your daily life about anxiety, making it a myth. And, here’s the list of the top 3 most common myths that you might have about anxiety:

  1. Anxiety is just about “being nervous” or overthinking

Though anxiety makes people occasionally worried and nervous, the anxiety disorders go beyond all of these feelings. Anxiety disorders are like storms in our mind which makes everything scary and difficult. These sorts of feelings also cause fast heartbeat or shakiness in a person. Anxiety is not overthinking, it is a constant struggle. 

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  1. Anxiety disorders are made up

Anxiety orders are common and more than 300 million around the globe suffer from it. The most common forms of anxiety disorders are phobias, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder. Each of its variants have different symptoms and triggers but they all share the common thread of fear and distress. 

  1. Anyone can easily get out of anxiety

Anxiety is not some switch which we can turn off whenever we want. It is something that is buried deep into our psychology. Neurotransmitters and brain circuits are the most common parts of our brain that shape the response of anxiety by sharing life experiences like trauma and stress. To keep your anxiety less you should go into therapy and medication and always remember understanding the complexity of anxiety is the first step towards healing. 

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How to Manage and Treat Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are challenging but they can be managed and treated. If you are someone who is dealing with anxiety then understanding about its available treatment options is important and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Through Talk Therapies

Talk therapies are also known as Psychotherapies which are very effective to treat anxiety disorders. You will find all kinds of therapies but cognitive behavioral therapy is believed to be the most effective.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a short term therapy which focuses on teaching some specific skills to help you recognize and modify negative thought patterns of anxiety. 

  1. Medications

You will find several medications in the market to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Some of the common medications that are prescribed for anxiety disorders are:

  • Antidepressants which not only work for depression but it also helps manage anxiety. The popular antidepressants include escitalopram, fluoxetine and sertraline that affect the neurotransmitters in your brain. 
  • Buspirone is the anti anxiety medication which is prescribed for giving relief to your anxiety. In comparison to the other medications like benzodiazepines it does not cause any sedation and can be consumed for long-term. 
  1. Working on lifestyle and self care

The easiest way to cure anxiety is by changing your lifestyle habits and learning about self-care. Engage yourself in activities like yoga and meditation for promoting relaxation and reduction in your stress. 

You should also add certain foods in your diet that are rich in vitamin B such as eggs and leafy greens and also those foods which have tryptophan in it like bananas and nuts because they leave a positive impact on your anxiety. 


We hope that you have gotten a clarity in your mind that anxiety is real and not a myth. And, every person who is facing it should know that they can cure it through medications, self-care , lifestyle changes and therapies given by the professionals. It is not hard to cure anxiety. All it takes is your small efforts to make a big change. 

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